2nd Knielingen
juggling and acrobatics night


We organise our events with lots of fun, sadly there can’t be fun everywhere. Especially when it comes to supervising minors, we can’t provide that. In order that minors also can join the event, we provide you with the so called “Muttizettel” and instructions on how to fill it out.

Important: The “Muttizettel” need to be filled out at home and singed by a parent! In addition to that, we also need a copy of an identification of the parent signing the “Muttizettel”.

Kids and Teenager under 16 years

Kids and teenagers under 16 years  can only attend when a supervising adult, which is also attending. This person can be either the parents them self (Form “3a”) or a person legally allowed to supervise the kid or teenager (Form “3b”).

Teenager at the age of 16 or 17

Teenager at the age of 16 or 17 can attend without a supervising adult, here the parents just need to sign the disclaimer in advance.



Five steps to a successfull “Muttizettel”

  1. Chose the right “Muttizettel”:
    o Muttizettel for kids and teenagers under 16 years (Jonglier- und Akrobatiknacht 2018)
    o Muttizettel for teenagers of age 16 or 17 (Jonglier- und Akrobatiknacht 2018)
  2. Print and fill out
  3. Signed by a parent (not signed by the kid/teenager or the supervising adult!)
  4. A copy of the identification card with signature of the signing parent.
  5. Remember to bring everything to the event



Ohh nooo, I forgot the filled out “Muttizettel” at home – what now?

In the best case: Simply don’t forget it!

In the worst case: The parents at home can send the filled out “Muttizettel” with the signed copy of the identification card to us via mail or fax: